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Behavioral economics-consultancy

There is a gap between what businesses know about sales and customer decision making and what science tell us about it. Our Expertise is filling this gap by using behavioral economics. Our team gives you professional and scientific solutions to help you solve your business problems.

Mapping costumer's behavior

By evaluating different aspects that affect your costumer's behavior, we can map your costumer's behavior and specify their decision points.

Behavioral economics solutions

According to your customer behave map, we use behavioral economics to identify important points about your costumer's decision making.

Recognition and influencing customer behavior

According to conducted Assessments, we offer you Guidelines

Choice architecture

Choice architecture is about designing your store, arrangement of your products, packaging design, your website pages design and everything about your costumers choice. We have done some researches on this subject to prove that sometimes beautiful designs that don’t consider sales may fail.

Just do it

There are often a number of certain solutions that don’t require precise experimentation. We provide high-level supervision on how to execute these solutions.

Specific solutions for you

There are always some questions in your business that don’t have any answer. We evaluate these questions and give you our suggested solutions that had not been implemented before

Is there any guarantee?

When you understand the scientific methods and the nature of behavioral economics you will see that there can not be any guarantee for an increase in sales. What we guarantee is that we will accomplish any agreement that we have in our contract.